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Farm to Table

It’s more than a current buzzword, more than a trend. It’s an obvious choice and a long term commitment. Part of our history, integral to our fabric, the farmers that we work with are an essential part of our operation. We source a significant amount of our foods from local farms and value the relationships we have with these families. The Andersons, Smiths, Horstmans and several others that we see regularly provide us with first quality products that make cooking a joy. It’s become very fashionable to say the word ‘local’. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1976. It just makes sense to keep it in the local economy whenever we possibly can.

The Cock 'n Bull

An 1850's historic post 'n beam barn is home to the Cock 'n Bull Restaurant. With our impressive collection of antique tools, multiple fireplaces, and flower, herb and vegetable gardens, the atmosphere here is second to none.

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